Assets & Process

Here's another sneak peek of my process and some of the assets i created for my Concept Art this past year.

You will get :

- 27 Assets with High Res 3Dcoat Files (arround 20 millions tris), 1 obj file exported from 3Dcoat (arround 10 millions), 1 blender file (arround 1/3 millions) and 1 Blender file with all the Assets in Low Res.

- 4 Timelapse with one 3D part and 3 photoshop part (not commented).

- 2 Timelapse that i decided to add where i create two Assets in 3DCoat (not commented).

- 1 final Blender scene from the main picture (without Quixel Shader ofc).

- 10 Stencils i use with 3Dcoat.

- 2 Introduction for 3D and 2D part (arround 30 mins) where i speak a little bit about composition and the content.

- PSD files.

Contact me if any question !

Cheers :)